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Loss Aversion Writing

While digging through the year-old source code to review‘s current design, I finally got to the bottom of something that’s been bugging me for a while. I remember when first designing that name card on the top of the landing page, I spent a considerable amount of time and effort to get it my liking. It looks like this…  Continue reading

Writing atrophy Writing

I’ve recently come to realize that I am very close to losing writing (and the creative process in general) to atrophy. Writing effectively has become increasingly difficult for me these days. I often catch myself reading, editing, re-reading, and re-writing passages of what I wrote to constantly measure the “flow” of the text, but ironically, the process…  Continue reading

New blog, new beginnings Writing

For a while now, I’ve owned the domain and haven’t done much with it except for the occasional total-site-makeover from time to time. Sadly, it remains un-updated and is a sad reminder of how much time I used to have to dedicate to creating websites. Well folks, this is a fresh start! A new…  Continue reading