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Site migration to GatsbyJS Random, Technology

For a couple years now this blog existed on a [now defunct] domain and has been left to rot mainly due to my indifference in maintaining a pretty website (sorry!). But actually, the real reason was due to the technical hurdles necessary to make the personal site and blog that I want to build…  Continue reading

In Search of an Open macOS Linux, Technology

It’s been a while since I took a deep dive into a Linux distro since switching from Windows to a Mac several years ago. Nightmares of missing drivers and endless configuration drew me away from exploring any further. Luckily, OSX/macOS’s user-friendly and Unix-like environment was enough to quell the hacker dreams I had as a…  Continue reading

Progressive Web Apps, part 1 Technology

If you’ve been tuned in lately to what’s next on the web, there’s been a lot of talk (from Google especially) pushing progressive web apps, or PWAs,  as the next evolution of web apps. As a HackerNews addict and also as a front-end engineer who’s obligated to feign knowledge over every single thing popping up…  Continue reading

WordPress, web development, and getting back into the swing of things Technology

As you may have seen with the constant changes, I have been (and will be) using this website as a conduit for learning/re-learning WordPress, PHP, and getting into the nitty-gritty details of web design–a process I am finding to be extremely satisfying. So far, I’ve made great progress adopting Ahmed’s Gulp-Wordpress theme workflow. I highly recommend using his repo as a starting…  Continue reading